Chapter 11 (Sneak Peek)


"No!" Natalie whispered to me with a smile. We were in a club and there’s about
three hundred people around us. Natalie was standing in front of me, looking at
me and mouthing the words to the song playing. Despite the fact that even though
she standing right there the groupies are still in rotation, Natalie didn’t
care. She was having her own little party of one. I pulled her into me again,
attempting to kiss her.

She backed up and pushed my forehead slightly
"Natalie…" I said in a slight whine

"Chris…" she immitated "You ready to
go?” I asked

"Ummm…no" she smiled, then wrapped her arms around my neck. I
rested my hands on the small of her back. I just stared at her for a second, I
know for a fact this girl is not gonna kiss me in this club right now.

"Hi Chris" I heard a familiar voice say, I felt my jaw clench

"Oh sooooo you got a new bitch and now I’m just irrelevant" she kept talking. I grabbed Natalie’s

"We’re leaving" I said sternly

"Chris, calm down" Natalie said to me as she
could see my blood boiling

"Just walk." I said to Natalie. I was leading Natalie
through the crowd, a tight grasp on her hand

"Where’s Dee?" Natalie asked me

"I saw Pat take her outside already" I said, she exhaled in relief.
As soon as I step foot outside the club, I was face to face with her … again.